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For which devices is the e-mark create software available?

Mobile app

The e-mark create app is available for Android and iOS devices. You connect your e-mark via Wi-Fi and send imprints through that. Download the app for free already before buying and have a look at the many possibilities of the e-mark create! You have an e-mark? Great! Then you can also use the e-mark create app for free.

Windows Desktop Version

As well as the e-mark create app for Android and iOS, a desktop version for Windows PCs is also available. It has the same functions as the mobile app and imprints can be transferred to the e-mark create via Wi-Fi or USB.

Checking your SSID...

Thank you for downloading!

Enjoy printing with your e-mark.

You can find the SSID on your Quick Setup Guide, on your first imprint or on the imprint after a reset.

Invalid SSID!
Invalid e-mail!

When installing your e-mark create for the first time, please connect your emark create via Wi-Fi first. This can be done through the desktop version or the mobile app. Then complete the firmware update on the e-mark create - a message pops up automatically.

  • When the firmware is updated, you can then also switch to USB.
  • When using the desktop version with a Wi-Fi connection, it may be required to disconnect LAN connections first
  • The e-mark create can either be connected via Wi-Fi or USB, note the colour of the light on the back right side of the e-mark create:
    blue = Wi-Fi connection, pink = USB connection

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