The COLOP Team

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Here you will find the appropriate contact for any questions regarding products, marketing, production, eBusiness, etc.

  • Christoph Skopek

    Christoph Skopek

    Managing Director, CEO

  • Franz Ratzenberger

    Franz Ratzenberger

    Managing Director, CSO

  • Gerhard Koschka

    Gerhard Koschka

    Operations Management
    Authorized representative

  • Petra Faber

    Petra Faber

    Export Manager

  • Andreas Hörtenhuber

    Andreas Hörtenhuber

    International Sales & Marketing Manager

  • Michael Pramhas

    Michael Pramhas

    Export Manager

  • Viktoria Reisinger

    Viktoria Reisinger

    Export Manager

  • Reinhard Sammer

    Reinhard Sammer

    Export Manager

  • Robert Schattner

    Robert Schattner

    Export Manager

  • Roland Schwarz

    Roland Schwarz

    Export Manager

  • Andreas Thallinger

    Andreas Thallinger

    International Sales & Marketing Manager

  • Heinz Angerlehner

    Heinz Angerlehner

    Export Manager

  • Jürgen Schuster

    Jürgen Schuster

    Sales Representative AT/CH

  • Paul Schmidt

    Paul Schmidt

    Int. Sales Manager & Business Development for Business Electronics

  • Andrea Bogner

    Andrea Bogner

    Customer Service

  • Andrea Reischl

    Andrea Reischl

    Customer Service

  • Sandra Danninger

    Sandra Danninger

    Customer Service

  • Katharina Weiland

    Katharina Weiland

    Customer Service

  • Doris Skopek-Stögner

    Doris Skopek-Stögner

    Customer Service

  • Marinela Trifunovic

    Marinela Trifunovic

    Customer Service

  • Wolfgang Pichler

    Wolfgang Pichler

    Product Management

  • Manuel Weiß

    Manuel Weiß

    Product Management

  • Lisa Hölzl

    Lisa Hölzl

    Product Management

  • Gerald Binder

    Gerald Binder

    Head of International Marketing

  • Sabine Mittermair

    Sabine Mittermair

    Marketing and Event Management

  • Alexander Auinger-Zicha

    Alexander Auinger-Zicha

    Head of eBusiness

  • Norman Lahner

    Norman Lahner


  • Robert Schneider

    Robert Schneider


  • Michael Gallfluss

    Michael Gallfluss


  • Gerald Bruckbauer

    Gerald Bruckbauer

    Head of Logistics & Supply Chain Management

  • Markus Stangl

    Markus Stangl

    Head of Purchasing Department

  • Monika Yankova

    Monika Yankova

    Purchasing Department

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