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R+C Zrt. Hungary

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R+C Zrt.
Jász utca 35/A.
1135 Budapest

R + C Trading & Service Ltd. was founded in 1991. At the time, there was an extreme demand for stamp products in the assortment.

In addition to the COLOP stamps, a number of product groups have been added to complement the range. Thanks to our commitment to full supply, the machinery and raw materials needed to make rubber stamps have been part of the assortment from the outset. With the advancement of technology, laser engraving machines have been added to the range, allowing the company to open up not only to the classic stamp maker market, but also to engraving and lettering companies. R + C is well positioned in this market as well.

In 2012 R + C Zrt. Was acquired by COLOP. At the same time, Ernö Csuhaj went into retirement and Enikö Koronky took over the Management of the company. In 2014, the company further expanded its product and service portfolio with Antra-Mark. Antra-Mark products include a wide range of in-store supplies and showroom accessories.