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Product Review from Kalan’s Krafting Studio USA

"I just love this little device...Imprints are clear and crisp"

Tracee-Jo Kalan is an Arts and Crafts expert, living and working in the US. She established her own YouTube channel with over 13,000 subscribers and regularly reviews various Arts & Crafts items. After she saw the e-mark create on HSN (American TV Shopping Channel) Tracee was keen to thoroughly review it.

Her conclusion: "Overall I think it’s really cool and I’m super excited to have it and I look forward to using it all the time with all of my projects in the future."

Tracee went through everything from the various aspects of setup, including cartridge and app, to imprint design, to printing labels and using the ribbon guide and to showing off the numerous settings and features of the e-mark.

Some first impressions of what she did with our mobile printer: