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e-mark in use at Textilshop

The Textilshop in Austria offers quality products, short delivery times and the best customer service. That's why the e-mark fits right in to their business. The e-mark allows Textilshop to make their customers feel special and valued, through their personalised messages and parcels as well as supporting the Textilshop Team in organisational and logistical matters.

At the Textilshop the e-mark is used for everyday tasks, to give packages an individual touch, to print messages on the packaging, to print labels for promotions and to print addresses with the serial printing function.

In the video, Evelyn and Gerhard, founder of the business, describe their experience using the e-mark at the Textilshop.

Accessories for even more possibilities

At the Textishop, they use the e-mark ruler, the e-mark cotton ribbons and the wide range of e-mark labels to further expand the range of uses.

Templates adapted to any business

In the e-mark app, you can create unique imprints or use the wide range of templates - whether you need imprints of your hotel, restaurant, law office, health care organisation or logisitcs department, we have prepared templates just for you and your business.