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e-mark® endless label textile

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Product features

  • Wash-resistant thermal adhesive textile tape
  • Perfectly compatible with COLOP e-mark and e-mark go Ribbon Guide and Ruler
  • Colour: white
  • Size of label: 15 mm x 8 m
  • Observe the instructions for use!

Enhance your COLOP e-mark experience with the COLOP e-mark Accessory - the e-mark® endless label textile. This wash-resistant thermal adhesive textile tape is designed to perfectly complement your COLOP e-mark and e-mark go, especially when used with the Ribbon Guide and Ruler. In a crisp white color, each label measures 15 mm x 8 m, providing ample space for your labeling needs. Crafted from a special wash-resistant material, these labels adhere seamlessly to textiles. When ironed onto fabrics, they achieve wash resistance up to 40°C / 104°F, enduring approximately 5 wash cycles. Elevate your labeling game with this practical and durable accessory.

Made of a special wash-resistant material to label textiles.
When ironed on textiles they become wash-resistant until 40°C / 104°F for about 5 washes.

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