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Christoph Skopek new additional Managing Director at COLOP

Christoph Skopek new additional Managing Director at COLOP

COLOP is now strengthening its corporate management: Christoph Skopek is the new additional Managing Director of the company with immediate effect. Together with the previous long-standing CEO Ernst Faber and a strong team, he will continue the company's successful path in the future.

Christoph Skopek has decades of experience
Christoph Skopek has been with COLOP since 2003. As part of his work for the company, among other things, he was responsible for various markets in Europe and Asia as export manager. Since 2018, the married family man has been responsible for key areas at COLOP as head of IT, e-business as well as software and app development. "In my role as an additional managing director, I have set myself the goal of further strengthening COLOP's path to success, ensuring secure jobs and meeting customer needs even better with innovative products," emphasizes Skopek.

"From now on, Christoph Skopek will provide me with substantial support and, with his entrepreneurial understanding and commitment, he will play a key role in shaping the success of COLOP," says CEO Ernst Faber.

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