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New management at COLOP

New management at COLOP

On 1 May 2022, the orderly and planned handover of the management took place at COLOP: After Christoph Skopek was appointed as additional managing director in 2021 and shared the management with Ernst Faber, the latter is retiring after 31 years of management. Franz Ratzenberger, head of sales and marketing for many years, will assume the function of second managing director with immediate effect. Together with Christoph Skopek and a strong team, they will continue COLOP's successful path.


Ernst Faber - 37 years with COLOP
Ernst Faber joined COLOP as early as 1984/85. Karl Skopek, the founder of COLOP, brought him into the company as plant manager. Together they did a lot of development work, in 1991 Ernst Faber joined the management, in 1992 he became a partner. Until the death of the company founder in 2005, they jointly steered the fortunes of COLOP. After this date, Ernst Faber was the sole general manager. Under his leadership, COLOP succeeded in making the step from a traditional stamp manufacturing company to an innovative, future-oriented company with three pillars and more than 500 employees.

"It has been a pleasure to lead COLOP over all these years and to continuously and successfully develop the company, which my cousin founded in 1980/81, into a global enterprise. In the same way, I am now looking forward to my next stage in life. It had been planned and prepared for a long time to hand over the management after my 60th birthday and I am happy that with Christoph Skopek and Franz Ratzenberger the management is going into experienced hands. I will, of course, continue to be available to COLOP for support if needed," emphasises Ernst Faber, who will also remain in the company as a shareholder in the future.


Christoph Skopek has decades of experience
Christoph Skopek has been managing COLOP together with Ernst Faber since 2021 and now has almost 20 years of experience in the company. He has been with COLOP since 2003 and was responsible for IT & strategic project management until he joined the management team, as well as having many years of experience in the export sector. As of 01 May 2022, Christoph Skopek took over the agendas of Ernst Faber and will be supported by Franz Ratzenberger in the area of sales & marketing. "I have set myself the goal of further strengthening COLOP's path to success, ensuring secure jobs and meeting customer needs even better with innovative products," emphasises Skopek.


Franz Ratzenberger new second managing director at COLOP
Franz Ratzenberger has been a successful sales and marketing director at COLOP since 2006. During this time, international sales have been steadily expanded with the founding of more than 10 international subsidiaries in China and India, among other countries. With the companies COLOP Digital GmbH and COLOP Arts & Crafts, two new business areas, electronic-digital and creative, have also been established at COLOP. Franz Ratzenberger: "In recent years, we have been able to develop COLOP into a great international company. The traditional stamp business, but above all the two forward-looking new business areas that will secure COLOP's long-term corporate success, are very challenging, especially in times of a difficult economic environment. I am looking forward to successfully pursuing this path together with Christoph and our excellent team."