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Pocket stamps as optimal solution for mandatory registration in bars and restaurants

Pocket stamps as optimal solution for mandatory registration in bars and restaurants

COLOP offers an optimal solution for mandatory registration in bars and restaurants


Quickly leave your contact details in the guest registry with the pocket stamp range. It’s that time again. In some European countries, restaurants have already opened their outdoor areas with mandatory guest registries. Many others are about to open in May. Quick and reliable solutions are of great importance in order to trace corona chains of transmission. In this context, countless restaurants offer registration options via QR codes and/or apps. But what do you do if you don’t have a smartphone with this function or the restaurant collects contact details on paper? In this case, the stamp manufacturer COLOP offers an ideal solution. Its small and personal stamps enable you to quickly and legibly leave your information with just an imprint on the contact form. All necessary data is contained in one stamp imprint.

Leave contact details for everyone’s safety
In order to facilitate further steps towards more businesses opening and to reduce the spread of Covid 19 as much as possible, a number of rules have been established, in particular regarding the opening of food and beverage establishments. Among other things, the requirement to register is being reintroduced. If a Covid-19 case occurs in a restaurant, the health authority should be able to inspect the forms filled out by the guest.


Practical solution from COLOP in times of corona
COLOP provides helpful solutions with different stamp models. Regardless of whether you choose the handy Pocket Stamp Plus, the compact Stamp Mouse or the elegant Stamp Pen: thanks to their practical size, they all fit in any hand or trouser pocket. Furthermore, all products are 100% made in Europe. The pocket stamp range means that you can provide the necessary contact information in a matter of seconds when visiting a restaurant, for example. Not only can you provide the required information but at the same time also implement the new guidelines without having to fill out lengthy forms by hand. This not only saves time, but also makes a decisive contribution to the protection and security during this still challenging time.


Quickly get a stamp for the next restaurant visit
You can easily order all three models in different colours and designs directly from the stamp maker. The ready-made pocket stamp should be delivered to the customer within 48 hours at the latest.