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Shamil Borchashvili wins bronze judo medal at Tokyo Olympics

Shamil Borchashvili wins bronze judo medal at Tokyo Olympics

Sabrina Filzmoser and the two brothers Kimran and Shamil Borchashvili returned from the Olympics in Japan on July 31st. The three athletes were welcomed warmly upon their arrival at Schwechat Airport. On Friday, August 13, 2021 at 4 p.m., a large Olympic reception will follow in front of the town hall at the town square in Wels.

Wels’ first Olympic medallist winner
Only four years after his beginner course in judo, in which Shamil Borchashvili already stood out with his extraordinary strength and great ambition, Shamil became "Austrian Youth Champion" (class up to 45 kg) in 2010. In the same year, at the COLOP Masters Tournament in Wels (350 starters from 8 nations), he and his brothers could celebrate the first “Borchashvili brothers triumph” on an international level: Wachid, Shamil and Kimran Borchashvili each won gold in their weight classes. Now all three brothers are in the men's national team. Since July 27, 2021, Shamil is the first Wels Olympic medallist.


From refugee to Olympic hero
The Borchashvili family fled to Austria in March 2004. The first stop was the Traiskirchen refugee camp. Then they found shelter in the Gallspach refugee home (Grieskirchen district) before they settled in Wels (Noitzmühle district). In 2020, the family bought a house in Marchtrenk. Shamil has seven siblings - five sisters and two brothers.
As the beginners' course took place only once a week, the judo training did not seem to be enough. Therefore, Shamil and his two brothers also took part in the performance-oriented judo group. "We actually wanted to train every day," says Shamil. The judo club LZ Multikraft Wels took care of the three talents, equipped them with judogis and running shoes and offered them “vocabulary training” as part of an integration project. “We were welcomed into the judo club like family. I will never forget all my club coaches,” says Shamil. The two-time European champion Sabrina Filzmoser, who was also discovered in 1988 during the 46-year-old Wels judo sport campaign, was an advisor, helper and a great role model for the Borchashvilis right from the start.


COLOP as sponsor of the judo club in Wels
COLOP has been supporting the Wels judo club LZ Multikraft Wels for over thirty years. In addition to Sabrina Filzmoser, who has been sponsored by COLOP since the late 1990s, COLOP has been promoting other young talents intensively for several years, including Kimran and Shamil.


We are delighted about this excellent performance and warmly congratulate all three Olympic returnees!