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Printer 2 in 1

Analog & digital signature stamp

About the Printer 2 in 1

The COLOP Printer 2 in 1 signature stamp is a practical combination of a classic modern self-inking stamp and a digital stamp - 2 in 1 - analogue and digital! The innovative stamp is the result of a collaboration between COLOP, one of the world's leading manufacturers of modern stamping devices, and BYSTAMP, whose Keymo technology offers a secure and advanced way to stamp and sign digitally.

How it works (7 Steps)

Registration by the Rubberstamp maker

Activation of a Printer 2 in 1

First imprint and signature

Typical use case

Advantages of Printer 2 in 1

Rubber Stamp Maker (RSM)

  • World's first analogue and digital signature stamp in one device
  • Opportunity for stamp makers to participate in the future topic of "digital stamps/digital signatures“
  • Higher turnover per stamp sold (higher price)
  • Electronical verification will become mandatory in many countries in the next few years
  • Very simple process and low effort
  • No training required for the stamp maker's employees
  • The "digital" part of the Printer 2 in 1 is carried out by Keymo - Hotline operated by KEYMO


  • 2 signature stamps in one device
  • Uniform "corporate design" for analogue & digital printing
  • No subscription - everything included in the purchase price 
  • Very simple and intuitive commissioning and operation (secured with pin code)
  • Reinforce cybersecurity and fight against identity fraud
  • Take-away solution
  • Offline availibility 

Advantages of the KEYMO technology

Seal & Sign in one click: Unique tool for dual printing Uniqueness between traditional imprinting on paper and on PDF

Without lifetime subscription: KEYMO technology allows signing without a remote server, making the process free for life

Fast activation: It only takes a few minutes to register a stamp imprint and signature which will be stored in the core of KEYMO

Works offline: No network connection needed to seal and sign a PDF

Highly secure: Like a credit card, the signature requires a PIN code

Reliable Audit Trail: eIDAS compliant (world reference), KEYMO is a digital evidence system for authentication of document origin, content integrity and document legibility


Technology facts

Use is secured by PIN code

Act of e-signature works without internet connection

✓ On the fly on your devices or someone else ones

A personal tool to protect digital identity for administrative personnel or agents

The most advances hardware security known - same model as identity (ID, Passeport)

A traceability ensured with hardware storage and back-end server

✓ non-intrusive solution to administrations or private sector enterprises

✓ Easily integrable to existing IS (SDK, APIS …)