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EOS Hybrid Dater 38


The Printer 38 Hybrid Dater combines flash technology for text and self-inking for dates, offering a customizable stamp with a 25 x 47 mm imprint size and 5 lines.

Sample imprint
5 lines 25 x 47 mm

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Product Information
Handle colours
Lines of text
Size of imprint
25 x 47 mm
Imprint colours
Height of date/figures
4.0 mm

The Printer 38 Hybrid Dater is a stamp based on the flash-technology for the text in combination with a date-functionality using self-inking technology. Thus this stamp can be personalised very quickly with the needed text. The combination between the advantages of a self-inker and a flash stamp makes the Printer 38 Hybrid Dater something very special.The recommended number of lines are 5 with a imprint size of 25 x 47 mm.

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