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EOS 30


The EOS 30 is a customizable bestseller from COLOP with a 18 x 47 mm imprint size, ideal for up to five address lines and logos, featuring an ergonomic handle and producing sharp, clear impressions.

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Product Information
Handle colours
Lines of text
Size of imprint
18 x 51 mm
Imprint colours

The EOS 30 is a bestseller in the COLOP text stamp range, looking great on any desk. It has an imprint size of 18 x 47 mm, offering space for up to five address lines and a small pictogram or logo. Its lightweight, sophisticated mechanism, and ergonomic handle make stamping effortless. The customizable image window allows for personal pictures, slogans, or company logos. With EOS Flash technology, the stamp produces clean, sharp impressions.

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