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Printer 60 Dater - high


16 additional short lines of text are possible.

Sample imprint
16 lines 76 x 37 mm

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Product Information
Handle colours
Lines of text
Size of imprint
76 x 37 mm
Imprint colours
Height of date/figures
3.0 mm

Printer 60 Dater H comprises of a practical and open design and an Impression size of 37 x 76 mm for up to 16 lines of custom text. The very special thing about this stamp is its portrait format Impression. The Printer 60 Dater prints date on the top of the stamp along with custom text. It shows the date printed in a day/month/year format in 4 mm height. The open construction makes it very easy to position the Impression more accurately, the band cover protects your fingers from dirt. Its modern design and the possibility to show a part of the Impression within the transparent window at the top of the product completes its ageless design. A very practical stamp for daily business in the office especially for use cases where a portrait designed Impression is needed.

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