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Printer 25


For long messages - Provides an extra wide imprint and is ideal for long messages or names. The imprint size is 15 x 75 mm and offers space for up to 4 lines.

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Product Information
Handle colours
Lines of text
Size of imprint
15 x 75 mm
Imprint colours

The COLOP Printer 25 is an elongated, handy model that is very popular. With an imprint area of 75x15 mm, this self-inking stamp is ideal as a return address on letters, in the corner of documents or even on large labels. Its compact size allows flexible use in various applications. The ink pad of the COLOP Printer 25 can be selected in one of four colours: Blue, Red, Black or Green. This gives you the option of matching the colour of your stamp impressions to your needs and leaving clear, legible impressions. The COLOP Printer 25 offers enough space for up to four lines of text. This guarantees that your information is clearly legible without the font size becoming too small. For longer text, it may be necessary to upgrade to one of the many larger models to ensure legibility and production quality. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the COLOP Printer 25 is easy to hold and ensures a comfortable and efficient stamping process. If you are looking for a practical and reliable stamp for everyday use, the COLOP Printer 25 is the perfect choice.