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Printer 10


Small dimensions for 3 lines of text.

Sample imprint
3 lines 10 x 27 mm

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Product Information
Handle colours
Lines of text
Size of imprint
10 x 27 mm
Imprint colours

The Printer 10 is a very nice looking small text or address stamp and very practical with its imprint size of 10 x 27 mm. Out of 6 common sizes within Printer Standard range, Printer 10 is the smallest in its type, but very popular because of its compact dimensions. It is easy to store in your office desk or even in the pocket or travel bag. With the possibility to add 3 lines text, it is a great companion over years. Additionally, the large image window can be used for personalisation with nice photographs or other design elements you may like but also a company logo can be shown. Or it can be adopted by coulouring the image card in your favorite colour. The product is equipped with practical technical features like e.g. a locking system. The transparent base makes it easy to find the right place for the imprint.