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Printer 40


Bestselling product.

Sample imprint
6 lines 23 x 59 mm

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Product Information
Handle colours
Lines of text
Size of imprint
23 x 59 mm
Imprint colours

The Printer 40 is a text or address stamp and with its imprint size of 23 x 59 mm large enough for even longer messages. So it is often used as address stamp because not only the mailing address can be printed but also e-mail, homepage, etc. and with the possibility to add 6 lines text, it is a great companion over years. The handling of the Printer 40 is smooth and easy and the imprint quality is excellent. The stamp is equipped with a large image window which can be used for personalisation with either nice photographs, company logo or what ever you may like. Thus the stamp becomes unique - unique as its owner or user. By the way - the modern and extraordinary design looks great on every desktop.