Embossing press

Leave an impressive impression

Modern and practical design

The COLOP embossing press is a combination of balanced design and optimised functionality.

  • Intuitive usability for effortless embossing of paper - also for small hands.

  • The locking mechanism provides absolute reliability as well as easy operation.

  • The handle and base are equipped with soft rubber. This enables comfortable embossing and guarantees stability.

  • COLOP embossing presses can be equipped either with plastic or metal die plates.

  • The construction and the special shape of the chrome plated parts deliver high quality and sturdiness.

  • An attractive and compact hard protecting case is included for protection when being transported.

Areas of application

COLOP's embossing press is ideal for embossing a wide range of different materials. They give a professional and official finish to company documents. But of course they can also be used in many other ways:

Cancel tickets the stylish way!

Make simple products an eye catcher!

Highlight the value of a present!

Do advertising the different way!

Family initials can be embossed on letters and cards to give them a personal touch!

Give your wedding stationery a more elegant look!

Our customers say…

Melanie Henke

Melanie Henke

CEO, BOST Bochumer Stempel- und Schildertechnik GmbH, Germany

"The COLOP embossing press impresses with its design, handling as well as stability and gives a unique marking to important and personal documents."

Marta Świstek

Marta Świstek

Marketing Manager COLOP Poland, Poland

"New embossing presses are much easier to use and guarantee a perfect effect in each case."

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