Printer Line

The comprehensive range of self-inking stamps

The Printer Line offers a complete choice of sizes

From small and handy up to large and generous - the largest range of formats from round to oval and even a triangle.

  • Produced in high quality materials for reliable, regular and comfortable use

  • Available in all kinds of formats from rectangular to round. For eye-catching and outstanding imprints

  • Almost all common sizes are available from very small up to X-large imprints

  • Offers a wide range of text-, dater- and text-dater-stamps and even stamps equipped with stock text

Printer Green Line and Printer S 200 Green Line models

Predominantly made from sustainable and recycled material. A minimum of between 70 % (Printer Green Line) and 80 % (Printer S 200 Green Line) recycled plastic is used.

Our customers say…

Marcel Kalmár

Marcel Kalmár

Majster, Slovakia

"Round and square COLOP stamps sell very well, among others because they are available in three colors. Also very popular are the plastic caps of the round stamps."

Cristian Dîndăreanu

Cristian Dîndăreanu

Managing Director, COLOP Romania, Romania

"It is essential today to be able to offer everybody exactly what he wants. Printer Line, the largest range of self-inking stamps, allows us always to be closer to the specific need of customers."

Miroslav Trayanov

Miroslav Trayanov

Rubber stamp maker, Pechat Bulgaria

"The Printer for example is the №1 bestseller product in our portfolio. Optimal ratio of price and quality."

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