Green Line

We take responsibility

The CO2 neutral self-inking stamp range

Predominantly made from sustainable and recycled material. A minimum of between 65 % and 80 % recycled plastic is used.

  • Unavoidable CO2 emissions are compensated by means of investment into climate protection projects (system boundary “cradle to gate”)

  • The Green Line range was audited during the ISO 14001 accreditation process

  • The Classic Green Line handles are FSC® certified (Forest Stewardship Council®)

  • 1 Stamp = 2 ImageCard™ designs

  • The Austrian Eco-Label is awarded by the Republic of Austria as represented by the Federal Ministry of Environment

  • The packaging materials are made from 80 - 100 % recycled cardboard

COLOP Mission

The Green Line is a consistent further development of the COLOP Mission, in which ecological responsibility is an essential component.

ISO certification

COLOP is certified ISO 14001 (Environmental Management). In the course of this certification, the COLOP Green Line, in particular the workflow of the production of the Green Line range, was audited.

The Austrian Eco-Label

The products of the "Green Line" have been awarded the Eco-Label of the Republic of Austria by the Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.
Products that receive this award meet strict environmental criteria, which are verified by an independent general evaluation.

Our customers say…

Roger Cuthbert

Roger Cuthbert

Owner, Kings Stationers, United Kingdom

“We have a number of customers who demand eco friendly products and we never hesitate to supply COLOP Green Line stamps which fulfil this criteria perfectly”.

Eric Pradel

Eric Pradel

CEO, COLOP France, France

"The demand is more and more strong for 'clean' products in a general way. We are proud that COLOP is so committed in this approach and be able to offer a complete range of 'green' products."

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